At Terracotta Invein S.L.U integrity and trust are cornerstones of our culture. We not only value your personal data’s privacy but also advocate for a transparent working environment for employees, partners, and the wider community. Should you ever spot discrepancies or potential misconduct in our operations, our whistleblower service is your go-to platform.

Key Features of Our Service:

Commitment to Transparency: We encourage open reporting to ensure that any operational concerns are promptly addressed.

Neutral Processing: Partnering with Qnister Whistle, an independent third party, we guarantee unbiased management of all reports. Your identity stays confidential, with encrypted reports and untraceable IP addresses.

Investigative Measures: Once your report is lodged, a collaborative probe, facilitated with our external partner, commences.

How to Report Concerns:

Choose Your Identity Preference: Opt for anonymity or share contact details for personalized feedback.
Submitting Reports: Upon submission, you’ll receive a unique ID and password – our sole link to you, thanks to our no-log stance on personal data.
Await our response within 7 days in our encrypted follow-up module.

Reporting Avenues:
Online: Type on a non-work device for utmost discretion.
QR Code: Scan the provided code with your phone to access the form.
Call: Share your concerns at +46 36 33 00 740
In-Person: Arrange a meeting with a Qnister representative by ringing +46 36 33 00 741
Your trust is paramount to us. Both your data and concerns help shape a better, more transparent Troax Group AB. Reach out for any queries or feedback.